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720 people use Zoom. Do you?

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Johnystudio stacked Zoom
I like to move pixels with photoshop :D
I use zoom to communicate with other designers. Easy to sign up and use it right away. I prefer zoom conferencing over Skype conferencing. Simply log in and start inviting others to join zoom meetings with or without video. I love how efficient and convenient it is to use.
Love how it works seamlessly
James McGillicuddy
James McGillicuddy stacked Zoom
Wish there was a bio writing service.
So good
Katerina stacked Zoom
Founder of Communication & Culture map. Mother to 4 wild ...
Ben Church
Ben Church stacked Zoom
🛰🏝Building Remote Teams & Amazing Products. [email protected], ...
Despite its UI, it's still the best video product out there
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Dylan Boyd
Dylan Boyd stacked Zoom
Dir @RGAVentures Cheerleader of awesome people + experien...
The goto for our 19 global offices and working better in remote ways. Protip get an external camera so the entire screen for others is not your face, but instead makes others feel you are in a room with them. Allows better collaboration.
ani acopian
Shishir stacked Zoom
Co-Founder and CEO @coda_hq
makes it possible to run a distributed team
Leandro stacked Zoom
Creating simplicity through technology | Co-founder, CEO ...
The one video conferencing platform that got it right. Great audio and video quality.
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Jorje Rojas
Jorje Rojas stacked Zoom
La mejor plataforma para hacer reuniones grupales con equipos remotos y clientes.
Steph Smith
Steph Smith stacked Zoom
Maker | Senior Analyst @TheHustle - Working on ...
The best video communication tool out there. Essential for remote teams.
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