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873 people use Zoom. Do you?

People that stacked Zoom

Keegan J. Sard
Keegan J. Sard stacked Zoom
Investments | Consulting | Real Estate | Startups Alum @...
With WFH now enforced a lot of people have a lot more free time so we can get access to meetings that previously were put off into the next quarter.
Taylor huang
Taylor huang stacked Zoom
I love it because it is the simplest and highest quality video conferencing tool.
Gavin Appel
Gavin Appel stacked Zoom
Founder @IgnitionLane
For video conferencing.
Tanishq Sharma
Tanishq Sharma stacked Zoom
Reaping benefits from infinite leverage
Easy, convenient and fast.
Beresnev Serge
Beresnev Serge stacked Zoom
An External Product Visionary for your business: Creative...
👍 For as low as $14.99/month zoom continuously supporting direct and open communications — at the end of the day the empathy of face-to-face meetings make the transition for any company outside of the digital market to involve and expand.
Stipop stacked Zoom
PR Director of Stipop
I can video-call in a good quality
Raphael Schaad
Raphael Schaad stacked Zoom
Founder CEO at Cron, Swiss Designer & MIT Engineer
Most reliable video conferencing solution in terms of audio and video quality.
benjamin evans
benjamin evans stacked Zoom
Design leader @airbnb
Effortless adoption with great quality video chat (particularly love the "touch up" feature)
Brendan J Short
Brendan J Short stacked Zoom
B2B SaaS. Most recently co-founded
reliable, no lag video
Zach LaGreca
Zach LaGreca stacked Zoom
Product @ Ibotta, Co-host @ Product Coffee Podcast
I still tend to get the most meaningful insights from actual conversations with users. When this can't be done in person, Zoom is a great way to have a real conversation, see your user face to face and watch them navigate your product on screen (if it's software).
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