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Nanda Venugopal
Nanda Venugopal stacked Zoho Notebook
I am a multidisciplinary artist, design thinker and an en...
I love the way you can create multiple notebooks, stack notes together and tag them. It's simplicity and clean UI makes it a brilliant product to use especially in urgent need of note taking.
samvid sharma
samvid sharma stacked Zoho Notebook
Founder @ Atom | Product Manager | Aspiring Bassist | Per...
Simple, Evernote Grid View which they removed, is there !
Kory Westerhold
Kory Westerhold stacked Zoho Notebook
music 👉 @lovvvvvvs | 👴🏻 designer
One of the few note apps that seems to have a client on literally every platform. It’s a *very* specific need, that I know not many will have a need for, but having a notes app that I can use across iOS, Mac, Android AND Windows is a godsend.
Ali EnginYinkusAkashdeep Ramnaney
Anna stacked Zoho Notebook
illustrator / web designer / tech geek - Athens🇬🇷
Recently started using it and find it fantastic. It might just be the honeymoon period, but I still think that organizing notes into notebooks in a visual way is much more intuitive and effective. Imported my Evernote notes and I finally feel like I have them under control!
Rahul stacked Zoho Notebook
Code @producthunt ~Apple WWDC'17 Scholarship Winner ~Foun...
I use this for projects low level planning
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