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Fasting made simple.
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The World as Trill & Representation
The World as Trill & Representation stacked Zero
Marketing Science (AI | ML | Product) • Books • Humane Te...
Intermittent and extended fasting is a game-changer.
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy stacked Zero
Dogs. Saunas. Beer. Photography. Meditation.
Simple way to track my Fasts
Akshar Takle
Akshar Takle stacked Zero
Software engineer. Curious human
Great fr tracking intermittent fasting. GIves you info about all the metabolic states.
Anthony Fiedler
Anthony Fiedler stacked Zero
Valuations/Investing/DataAnalytics #FinTech #Insurance (h...
October 2018 to summer 2020 - IF tracking simply (and eating trends in general related to hunger). They continue to improve the options to track mood/sleep/etc.
Frederico Padilha
Frederico Padilha stacked Zero
Founder of
Simple app to keep track of fasting.
Daniel Kang
Daniel Kang stacked Zero
Helps me be intentional about my eating hours
Abbabon | אבאבון
Abbabon | אבאבון stacked Zero
I am a Game Developer, and a long-time software engineer ...
The most clean app for an IFer MFer like me.
Juan Germano
Juan Germano stacked Zero
UX/Product Designer based in Buenos Aires.
It helps me track my daily fasts while teaching me stuff about it (with Zero Plus).
Tony Conrad
Tony Conrad stacked Zero
Partner at True Ventures. Holder of Parking Karma and Ove...
Full disclosure, I'm on the board and we (True Ventures) are an investor. This app has played a huge role in resetting my overall health. I've used it daily for nearly 2 years and it's effectiveness is significant. Beautiful, simple interface + effective results = good habits.
JonhurwiJesse ReichensteinAndrei M. Marinescu
PJ Manning
PJ Manning stacked Zero
just a dood
fasting is da bomb
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