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Ashar Setiawană‚żă‚€ăƒ˜ă‚żSainath
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Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith stacked Zeplin
Community Manager @ FLF Product Design | Content Creator
Zeplin allows our team to easily share updates and comments on our product's design. Makes handoff super easy :)
Olivier Desmoulin
Olivier Desmoulin stacked Zeplin
Designing @cappuccino_fm @JumboPrivacy. Prev Head of Desi...
Really easy to communicate design specs with developers
Joshua Schaer
Joshua Schaer stacked Zeplin
Psychologist, interested in humans and computers. Special...
Tool of choice when working with mobile app devs.
PatLang stacked Zeplin
Product designer
Handing off files to front end dev
Mizan :)
Mizan :) stacked Zeplin
Designer. Building no-code platform
Best service to share the design with developers and collaborate.
Raj Dixit
Raj Dixit stacked Zeplin
Easy to use with ides
Chrissy Cowdrey
Chrissy Cowdrey stacked Zeplin
Founder of Stagger, a full stack product for visual story...
It's the source of truth for the engineers.
Kieron Kevan
Kieron Kevan stacked Zeplin
I'm a UX designer living in Liverpool. I love design, lea...
Allows me to hand over designs to developers, providing an easy to use interface and ways to export files when needed.
Ian stacked Zeplin
opportunity behind bias
For team collaboration
yiğit darçın
yiğit darçın stacked Zeplin aka Emotional Terminator
easy to use, using excessively for our mobile desings
YourStack Mascot