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Tanishq Sharma
Tanishq Sharma stacked ZEIT
Reaping benefits from infinite leverage
Solves instant deployment issues
Max Rovensky
Max Rovensky stacked ZEIT
React / Node.js developer. @zeithq
ZEIT Now has been my platform of choice to host everything for years now and I don't think I'll ever stop using it
Nathaniel Blackburn
Nathaniel Blackburn stacked ZEIT
Bridging the gap between what you can see and what you ca...
Provides a platform to host your project without needing to worry about how it is configured.
Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Wong stacked ZEIT
Ideator. INFP-T
Low overhead deployment.
JB stacked ZEIT
Music, economics, golf & computers. In no particular order.
No config hosting for my JAM stack apps. Easy and fast. Generous free plan. Always getting better
Clu stacked ZEIT
Product Maker / Designer. Instagram: @thexclu
Minimalist Serverless solution
Nathaniel Blackburn
Corey Gwin
Corey Gwin stacked ZEIT
Helping you write with @BlurtDotApp.
Hosting bugs. 📐
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