YouTube Kids
An app made just for kids
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José Adan
José Adan stacked YouTube Kids
I put online my first website during Y2K. More than 15y o...
Special content for kids who take parent's cellphones
𝔚𝔥𝔦𝔱𝔫𝔢𝔶 stacked YouTube Kids
I’m interested in Tech
This is good for fussy time while grocery shopping or long car rides.
Hamilton Colares
Hamilton Colares stacked YouTube Kids
Marido, pai e guitarrista júnior. Squad Lead @CaixaSegura...
Minha filha usa. Deveria ter uma forma melhor para restringir conteúdo, mesmo assim, consegue ser muito melhor do que liberar a versão full.
For my kids
Daryl Henson
Daryl Henson stacked YouTube Kids
I like turtles.
Lets me entertain my eldest child from time to time without the worry (or, at least with less of the worry) of inappropriate content.
Mike Stenhouse
Mike Stenhouse stacked YouTube Kids
Designer, programmer and maker of things. (he/him)
Fewer creepy videos that YouTube proper.
A-a-ron Horn
A-a-ron Horn stacked YouTube Kids
tech enthusiast, #elisarmy dad, @beatcancer Firebrand, @N...
A really great way for my 1-5 year old kids to find the content they love with a UX built for them.
Gary Denham
Gary Denham stacked YouTube Kids
Living in Edinburgh, buying too many records, not reading...
I can control exactly what content goes on here. I'd love to have a 'stop playing after this video finishes' feature though.
Karin Nordkvist
Karin Nordkvist stacked YouTube Kids
– Mom to Pim – Art Director/Designer (
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Keep my kids entertained
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