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Andy Mac
Andy Mac stacked YourStack
Into helping create and build products that give people s...
Great community for getting deeper insights to other folks' tools for how they solve problems. Could actually be asymmetrically competitive to LinkedIn, creating a more useful "maker-first" social network. Just needs an "anti-stack" and "feature enhancements" features ;)
Daniel Pichel
Daniel Pichel stacked YourStack
product guy, entrepreneurial mind, creative brain, soul o...
Enjoy the pro tipps from heavy users on the apps I love most.
Rimenes Ribeiro
Rimenes Ribeiro stacked YourStack
coder, early and late adopter...
Juan Gabriel Perez
Juan Gabriel Perez stacked YourStack
Love traveling, food, + learning languages, currently try...
Really cool to see products people ACTUALLY use & geek about the subtle secrets that each of 'em have.
daisuke 大輔
daisuke 大輔 stacked YourStack
01100111 01100101 01100101 01101011 | Tweets r my own | V...
Useful for Product Hunter.
Anna stacked YourStack
illustrator / web designer / tech geek - Athens 🇬🇷
It's like Product Hunt but instead of sales pitches for oftentimes mediocre products, you get recommendations and reasons why people love using certain products.
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st. laurent
st. laurent stacked YourStack
I eat pancakes
its awesome
Travis Allison
Travis Allison stacked YourStack
I am a consultant and strategy specialist. I work (most...
great to see tools that others are actually using and enjoying
Ryan Hoover
Srivatsa Mudumdy
Srivatsa Mudumdy stacked YourStack
Early Adaptor. Visual Learner. Entrepreneur. Design afici...
Stacking YourStack on YourStack(yes, I'm sober)! 😁 PS: I use it to discover cool things used by global startup communities, keep up the great work Ryan & team! 🚀
Graeme Fulton
Graeme Fulton stacked YourStack
✍️ Writing letters with 💌 | making...
I love YourStack because Fajar loves yourstack, but especially the mobile app yourstack!
Ali Salah
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