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Jeje stacked Winno
I am an iphone fan looking for cool stuff to try
It’s great for news stories
Bibin Mohan
Bibin Mohan stacked Winno
Developer, software, husband, dad, home tutor
The 'real' flash news
Nicolo S
Nicolo S stacked Winno
Entrepreneur, Innovator & Fintech Guy 🇮🇹🇩🇪🇬🇧
Winno is a really cool hand-curated news summary app which allows you to subscribe to notifications on certain topics and cuts through the noise of fake and repetitive news.
Sidd stacked Winno
I am just crazy about SaaS and love discovering new produ...
Breaking news on your phone, delivered faster than light. 😉 Honestly will keep you upto date with all breaking news and necessary info.
JejeYi WeiAaron
Tiff stacked Winno
I’m just a girl that loves discovering new things
No unnecessary bs🙄
Juan Vaamonde
Juan Vaamonde stacked Winno
Designer at Cochlear & building Famillio
An easy way to track the main news stories unfolding in the USA nationally or sometimes globally, Winno's team summarises the latest updates for the topics you follow and lets you jump to the respected source if you can be bothered. You won't be.
Most distraction-free way to consume news of live events.
Matt Monday
Matt Monday stacked Winno
To Learn is to Love, to Love is to Live. Apple, ESPN, an...
Minimalistic UI and fast UX for digesting news that has a smart human curation layer on top of great tech.
Tim KSeb JachecDan
मोన్ stacked Winno
MoeInquisitive ∞⍰
Fastest way to keep up with the news and not miss any important updates.
Bo stacked Winno
Co-founder @LudisAnalytics | Previously Product @Sentieo,...
Current favorite news app. Human curated and summarized, and they try to keep it as factual and non-politically charged as possible. Easy way to quickly catch up on all news without all the noise.
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