The world’s most powerful recovery and training tool.
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Grady stacked WHOOP
The path is the goal
Put number to physical feeling
Ian Cairns
Ian Cairns stacked WHOOP
Product @Twitter
Tells me what to do each day
tom ross
tom ross stacked WHOOP
Interested in Productivity, Personal Knowledge Management...
Only had WHOOP a couple of days but can immediately see how itll benefit! looking forward to seeing how i get on over the next few weeks!
Jesse Russell
Mihai Serban
Mihai Serban stacked WHOOP
Digital Product Designer. Problem solver.
Not your average fitness tracker. A wearable with a sleek look accompanied by a great mobile app. I look at it as a lifestyle improvement tool rather than a fitness wearable.
Jack Cohen
Jack Cohen stacked WHOOP
days → @firstmarkcap | nights → alum of → @...
About a week in, loving the correlation between recovery & strain + seeing how certain late night food/drink affects me for better or for worse. Also, battery life is amazing and the device as a whole is super lightweight. Great job, Will.
Nate Ferrero
Nate Ferrero stacked WHOOP
Psychonaut and Complications
Unbelievably good polished UI, hardly ever or never crashes, slick animations, easy to find what I am looking for
Frank Pacheco
Frank Pacheco stacked WHOOP
Just a product manager looking for products.
Seriously stepped up analytics on your activity sleep and work out data from a sleek wearable.
Heath Blandford
Heath Blandford stacked WHOOP
Gamer, Customer Success Engineer, software enthusiast, co...
There's no better daily fitness tracker on the market. I've gotten more insights on my sleep, my daily strain, and how my sleep affects my performance. Well worth the yearly subscription.
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Abi stacked WHOOP
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Keeps me accountable for training, recovery, and sleep. Get a free month:
Nigel Koh
Nigel Koh stacked WHOOP
Data Science @AngelList Venture
This thing changed my life. It's got great ability to track your sleep, recovery and strain every day. Includes HRV data. Being part of a Team make me want to put in a good workout. You also don't have a screen, which means focus on your task at hand!
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