White Fragility
Why it's so hard for white people to talk about racism
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Ben WerdmullerDRLHC
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Ben Werdmuller
Ben Werdmuller stacked White Fragility
I work at the intersection of tech, media, and democracy ...
I found this a difficult read, but was immediately kind of ashamed that I hadn't read it earlier. I think all white people should consider picking it up, and really thinking not just about the substance of its arguments, but the way it feels to read them.
Calum WebbAaron
DRLHC stacked White Fragility
medical ethicist + planner bum + idea nerd.
If you want to objectively understand what it's like to be a white person in america - and you ARE white - read this book. Absolute essential for anyone who has an interest in american society at any level.
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