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Get driving directions, a live traffic map, and road alerts
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377 people use Waze. Do you?


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Elen U.
Elen U. stacked Waze
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The best navigator - lightweight and full of useful information for drivers
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Mary C Hartfield
Mary C Hartfield stacked Waze
Owner, MCH Consultants Group. Engage adults & youths in t...
If you are going to be back up in traffic this is the best app to get you around the traffic or crash.
Bryan Luna
Bryan Luna stacked Waze
Everything is impossible until you have experience it
I love Waze because I use it to keep track of cops when driving on the highway
Josephfruor stacked Waze
🌎✈️ Traveling the world 📸 Addicted to photography! 🏔 Based...
Sometimes just simpler then google maps
Ricardo Molina
Ricardo Molina stacked Waze
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I like y he red light camera notification
मोన్ stacked Waze
MoeInquisitive ∞⍰
Best cross-platform navigation app.
Justin Santamaria
Justin Santamaria stacked Waze
Living that startup life. Former Apple & Airbnb. Stanford...
It gets me from point A to point B with minimal fuss.
Kijan Maharjan
Kijan Maharjan stacked Waze
🙏Indie Founder🇳🇵∞ Build, Iterate & 🚀∞ 🔥Traveller by soul ✈️...
Better Reporting UX than Google map
John D'Alessandro
John D'Alessandro stacked Waze
Special Ed teacher, husband, father, grandfather, coffee ...
Keeps me away from traffic jams.
Arturo Meza
Arturo Meza stacked Waze
Has saved my ass more than once
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