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Harry Dry
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I play tennis. Working on
good writing
Alex Kazakov
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Behavioral technology dreamer and connector! Group Produc...
Super clear and logical decomposition of complex social and practical questions
Mary Rinaldi
Mary Rinaldi stacked Wait But Why
mentor-in-residence at New Inc, freelance writer, strateg...
Deconstruction and explanation of layered, complex ideas done extremely well.
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Valentin Cristea
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co-founder, product & strategy for
Best blog on the web
Juan Herrera
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Because of the stick figures
Bobby stacked Wait But Why
nyc | investor, reader, soccer player
Tim Urban is great at deconstructing and explaining complex ideas in an accessible and entertaining format
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Deli stacked Wait But Why
PM @Zopa
I'm just amazed at Tim's ability to break down complex topics, create simple frameworks for us to better understand the world AND make it funny at the same time.
Hugo Cheyne
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Data @SeedLegals | My stack is the things I use at least ...
2016. Just like The After On Podcast, this blog opened my eyes to what the future might look like.
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