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Rudi Duke-Jackson
Rudi Duke-JacksonĀ stackedĀ VS Code (Insiders)
I like guitar
Simple, fast and has everything I need
Karan Batra
Karan BatraĀ stackedĀ VS Code (Insiders)
Software Engineer at Microsoft
The best code editor out there. I loved it!
Morgan Pelissier
Morgan PelissierĀ stackedĀ VS Code (Insiders)
Building @wearesparkmate āš” Turning good ideas into great ...
Super powerful IDE, Available on Ubuntu! Lots of plugins and extensions!
Daniel Pichel
Rohan Hugar
Rohan HugarĀ stackedĀ VS Code (Insiders)
I am a student of mechanical engineering who is passionat...
The UI is very beautiful.
jasonthinkĀ stackedĀ VS Code (Insiders)
Dad | Husband | Cook | IT Architect | Productivity Hacker...
Well rounded, simple, intuitive and just helps me code better.
Sten Tamkivi
Sten TamkiviĀ stackedĀ VS Code (Insiders)
A flexible pro tool still helpful for this occasional amateur (with highlights, plugins, python env control, git integration)
Ye Lwin Soe
Ye Lwin SoeĀ stackedĀ VS Code (Insiders)
A software who love creating product.
Lightweight and fast, lots of extensions
Diogo Ferreira
Danny de Vries
Danny de VriesĀ stackedĀ VS Code (Insiders)
I'm an Indie Maker building digital products for the web ...
Code editor of choice and use the integrated terminal along with it. Switched from using Atom and Hyper. Currently using the Night Owl Theme with Fira Code.
Zach Gramstad
Zach GramstadĀ stackedĀ VS Code (Insiders)
I design and build Linq.
Super easy to use, powerful plugins, in-app terminal.
Daniel Pichel
Narasingarao Kavali
Narasingarao KavaliĀ stackedĀ VS Code (Insiders)
simple and more interested in digital
it is easy to use and has many plugin's
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