Google Chrome extension which provides keyboard shortcuts
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20 people use Vimium. Do you?


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Karan Batra
Karan Batra stacked Vimium
Software Engineer at Microsoft
Hacker's browser
Abbabon | אבאבון
Abbabon | אבאבון stacked Vimium
I am a Game Developer, and a long-time software engineer ...
My finger are wired to use the hjkl cluster even though I no longer work with VIM. So why not use it when I digest information? Also - press links without using a mouse.
Thomas Wang
Thomas Wang stacked Vimium
no mouse thanks
dharani manne
dharani manne stacked Vimium
Entrepreneur. Curious. Exploring.
Gives me the ease of navigation
adrien stacked Vimium
Software engineer based in New York
Can't imagine browsing the web without these vim-inspired keyboard shortcuts!
Laurynas Keturakis
Laurynas Keturakis stacked Vimium
Post-Soviet millennial. Running event programs on tech, p...
Clever keyboard-focused controls for browser navigation
Ethan stacked Vimium
🤘🔥🚀 An Indie Maker creating KanbanMail, Code The Web, tog...
Vimium is THE BEST CHROME EXTENSION EVER!! It lets you navigate the web comfortably using just your keyboard. My favourite feature is that it assigns a key combination to every link and button on the page, so it makes keyboard navigation really easy!
Ahmed MenMarissa MontgomeryAriella Cheskis-Gold
Lakshman Sankar
Lakshman Sankar stacked Vimium
builder from the future. now: @ethereum zkp team
it's vim for web browsing
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