"Fly through your calendar."
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It is an intuitive UX of a calendar. Also the team has a thoughtful approach on features for a much better solution for managing time in a remote world.
Masoud Ardestani
Mihnea Miculescu
Mihnea Miculescu stacked Vimcal
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It's the fastest, tightest and most modern calendar experience I've ever come across.
Masoud Ardestani
Bo stacked Vimcal
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Time zone support is great. Fast way to share availability too. The superhuman of calendars.
Masoud ArdestaniAlex Kwon
Masoud Ardestani
Masoud Ardestani stacked Vimcal
Designer from 510akland
My calendar will never be the same...
Masoud Ardestani
Michelle Kwon
Michelle Kwon stacked Vimcal
Investing @M13Company
I live in my calendar and this makes it super easy to see multiple views (today, this week, this month) while providing seamless shortcuts to save time/create efficiencies. HIGHLY recommend.
Masoud Ardestani
Vahid Jozi
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Calendar with a great keyboard functionality! "Superhuman for Calendar"
Masoud Ardestani
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