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A highly configurable text editor
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Vincent VuLeighkumarmo2
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Vincent Vu
Vincent VuĀ stackedĀ Vim
CS @ USC | TroyLabs & HackSC | I build things
Uberfast once you pass the initial hurdle; you're also as close to the terminal as you can be.
kumarmo2Ā stackedĀ Vim
Full Time Full-Stack Developer, Part-Time Gamer
So intuitive once the basics are clear. Now, I can't type without the vim bindings in place šŸ˜…
Andrew Radev
Andrew RadevĀ stackedĀ Vim
A software developer and linux-head
It helps the keyboard almost disappear from conscious thought, creating a smooth link between brain an computer.
Drazen Zaric
Drazen ZaricĀ stackedĀ Vim
Having fun hacking small projects.
Once you learn how to use it you're faster, no need to move your fingers to arrow keys or use the mouse. Also it's available on any linux server, so when you ssh you feel like home - it's a superpower.
Leopold Fajtak
Leopold FajtakĀ stackedĀ Vim
Student (Mathematics, Software Engineering), musician, ti...
Itā€˜s navigation mode is incredibly helpful, I am always annoyed when I have to use an editor which does not support it.
koffeinfrei ą² _ą² 
koffeinfrei ą² _ą² Ā stackedĀ Vim
free software, web technologies and heavy metal coding (a...
powerful and fast
zpĀ stackedĀ Vim
every editor has plugin of it
camilo lozano
camilo lozanoĀ stackedĀ Vim
Because is simple
Juan Carrillo
Juan CarrilloĀ stackedĀ Vim
Software Engineer
Lightweight and makes you feel like a hacker.
Dexter Shepherd
Dexter ShepherdĀ stackedĀ Vim
Software Developer and Creative Coder living in Los Angeles
What's not to love?
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