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A highly configurable text editor
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Henry JenkinsDomas Bitvinskaskoffeinfrei ŗ≤†_ŗ≤†
114 people use Vim. Do you?

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koffeinfrei ŗ≤†_ŗ≤†
koffeinfrei ŗ≤†_ŗ≤†¬†stacked¬†Vim
free software, web technologies and heavy metal coding (a...
powerful and fast
zp stacked Vim
every editor has plugin of it
camilo lozano
camilo lozano stacked Vim
Because is simple
Juanca stacked Vim
Lightweight and makes you feel like a hacker.
Dexter Shepherd
Dexter Shepherd stacked Vim
Software Developer and Creative Coder living in Los Angeles
What's not to love?
Yash Yadav
Yash Yadav stacked Vim
Young and Enthusiast. 22YO outgoing nerd. Prefers everyth...
Sword when mastered
John Hayes
John Hayes stacked Vim
I am a father, husband, and full-stack developer!
I use a combination of VimWiki and Vim Todo. They both work and keep everything organized since I spend most of my day in the terminal and Vim.
Natalie Marleny
Natalie Marleny stacked Vim
‚úŹÔłŹ Application Engineer and Git Gymnast
I use it only for editing commit messages, but I really love Vim.
Matt stacked Vim
Software Engineer, hit me up if you wanna talk #reactjs, ...
There are vim plugins for everything these days so you can put all that muscle memory to good use.
Cameron Flint
Cameron Flint stacked Vim
I'm a software engineer and productivity enthusiast.
Vim is the fastest way to edit text without my fingers leaving the keyboard.
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