Vercel (Formerly Zeit)
Develop. Preview. Ship.
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amazing Ci solution
Agustinus Nathaniel
Agustinus Nathaniel stacked Vercel (Formerly Zeit)
Tech and Art enthusiast
It's neat, so convenient, easy to use, it just works. Almost all of my side projects deployed through vercel
chia #ACAB
chia #ACAB stacked Vercel (Formerly Zeit)
i like car seat headrest
it is sexy
Nitin R Gupta
Nitin R Gupta stacked Vercel (Formerly Zeit)
Dude who likes to code & design stuff.
I tried this out recently and loved the entire experience. Will be using this to deploy and host for my future side projects.
Zbigniew ŇĽoŇānierowicz
Zbigniew ŇĽoŇānierowicz¬†stacked¬†Vercel (Formerly Zeit)
A semi-self taught web developer with a penchant for Reac...
Such a useful cloud hosting solution, paired with a gorgeous, modern UI.
Nico stacked Vercel (Formerly Zeit)
js wrangler. prev @ibm, @bluewolf, @devbootcamp. doing it...
Coolest way to ship a website hands down.
Natalie Marleny
Natalie Marleny stacked Vercel (Formerly Zeit)
‚úŹÔłŹ Application Engineer and Git Gymnast
Beautiful and easy to set up deployments.
Parker HendersonAnthony Young
Percent stacked Vercel (Formerly Zeit)
Software Developer in Chicago.
Dead-easy deployments.
Francisco Quintero
Francisco Quintero stacked Vercel (Formerly Zeit)
Software engineer and Ruby on Rails developer
Really, really simple to use, connects so well with repository services(gitlab, github), deployments per branch, custom domains. The free tier is just aweseom
Anthony Young
Anthony Young stacked Vercel (Formerly Zeit)
Entrepreneur, Creative Developer, Husband, Dad, Friend, I...
Such a great platform and really looking forward to what the future holds for them now.
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