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The App, the Myth, the Legend. Social network for movie lovers. Your personal movie assistant. Ask me anything.
AlexFarayi ChambatiAli Salah
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Alex stacked Must
Italian Tech YouTuber. Apple User and Fanboy. Graphic Des...
In the beginning, it was very hard to remember every single movie I watched in my life, but I did and that was worth it. Plus there is a watchlist.
Rafi Ataullah
Rafi Ataullah stacked Must
I like photography
I like to keep track my shows and movies I’ve watched. Also the app UI is pretty cool. It has that Apple vibe.
Ali Salah
Ali Salah stacked Must
Building Instatus. Writing Sipreads.
Best app for keeping a Want & Watched movie lists. Also, check Letterboxd.
Elias stacked Must
From Argentina🇦🇷 Love for Apple products and apps that im...
Beautiful app, the home create lists about certain categories of movies, also show you the upcoming movies, lets you track the shows that your are viewing and send you notifications when new seasons or chapters are available. I found this app more intuitive and clean than TVtime
Ali SalahAaron
Leandro stacked Must
Co-founder, CEO at Unubo | Community at Product Hunt
I love this app for discovering TV shows and movies. I use it to mark and rank what I’ve watched, as well as maintain a list of what I want to watch next.
Aleksandra SmelianskaBud HennekesCalum Webb
𝔗 stacked Must
Interface Designer and sometimes photographer
Beautiful UI & UX
Seth Williams
Seth Williams stacked Must
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Kelly. Father to Story, Riv...
A beautifully designed social app for sharing what movies and tv shows you have watched or want to watch.
Ryan Hoover
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