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Fermin RodriguezZhang Handuoعاشق رهبر
1.1K people use Loom. Do you?


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عاشق رهبر
عاشق رهبر stacked Loom
Bobby B
Bobby B stacked Loom
Activism, Agile, AI and ML, Medicine, Automation, Busines...
It integrates mobile, web, and desktop.
Daniel Doyon
Daniel Doyon stacked Loom
Co-founder of @readwiseio
Key tool in enabling asynchronous work
Terralynn Forsyth
Terralynn Forsyth stacked Loom
Hi! My name is Terralynn, a Co-Founder and Head of Produc...
Powers everything from product videos to team briefs.
Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell stacked Loom
Analyst @SeaWorldTexas // Former @scaleworks @BrokerageEn...
They've been in the video communication world a while, and continue to innovate their platform all the time it feels like. Great product, great support team, what's not to love?
Janel stacked Loom
I'm a marketer, maker and curator of, a wee...
Video recording made easy.
anidexlu stacked Loom
😍 Problem lover. 🌎 Remote & distributed work enthusiast....
Very useful tool for remote work. It enables async communication without giving up voice, video and screensharing
Jeremy Caplan
Jeremy Caplan stacked Loom
Father of 2 | Educator, Learner | Past: Time Magazine Jou...
Quick, easy way to share a visual explanation and to let people add time-coded comments and questions. Easy to use for screencasts or for short teaching or demo videos. Simple UI.
Prasanna Vaidya
Prasanna Vaidya stacked Loom
Co founder @gydeai
Amazing tool for quick video messages. Can definitely save a few meetings & recipients will be happy to see your face while you explain stuff. :)
Mike Rubini
aditi stacked Loom
okay person
For presenting your work etc
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