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Wilhelm Rahn
Wilhelm Rahn stacked Loom
UX ✅, Branding 💛, Tourism 🌎, Tech ⚡, AI 🧠
Definitely the easiest way to record your screen. Use it for walkthroughts, user support, helping your relatives, anything! It couldn't be more foolproof
Jason stacked Loom
watched a lot of the tick and rocko's modern life growing...
my biggest product crush. love make quick tutorials with my face in the corner.
Dmitrii Pashutskii
Dmitrii Pashutskii stacked Loom
👨‍💻 software engineer 🗺 nomad ...
Amazing tool for capturing the screen. Especially I like the ability to easy add camera screening. Great way to film a small demo about new features.
AaronAnna Grigoryan
Norman Chella
Norman Chella stacked Loom
I cover Asian podcasting @ Podlovers Asia. Founder @ That...
One of the best ways to do a quick cover letter video/cold video pitch to people who you want to interview/collaborate with. It's also a good way to showcase how you do things! Sort of like a lens into how you work 😄
jake stacked Loom
exploring the intersection of #design and #technology
The most fun idea for remote collaboration and tutorial videos for clients.
Joe Davini
Joe Davini stacked Loom
#WebDeveloper #SheSocial | #Sports Enthusiast | Lover of ...
Super easy and convenient!
Irma (Er-Ma)
Irma (Er-Ma) stacked Loom
Follow me for product management, no code stuffs, tech & ...
It's so simple to use! I've used in the past to communicate with the team, show our Sales team where to find a resource, reaching out to potential users for my side project, so many ways to use it!
Lanre Akinyemi
Vlad Larin
Vlad Larin stacked Loom
Founder&GM @zeroqode creating awesome 😎 stuff with #nocode
I can't believe this tool is free
Bernardo Campos
Bernardo Campos stacked Loom
COO @Parafuzocasa & Chicago Booth MBA. dig productivity s...
It’s fantastic, though still somewhat buggy at times. Woes everyone who sees it for the first time. Saves a ton of time documenting things, though it can lead to laziness
James Beshara
James Beshara stacked Loom
Investor: Gusto, ThirdLove, RigUp, Mercury, Bolt, Halo To...
For asynchronous meetings/presentations/verbal communication where you also want to share your screen -- this is the product that you try and then learn it's what you've been missing your entire distributed working life.
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