Fathom Analytics
Simple and private website analytics.
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Justin Isbell
Justin Isbell stacked Fathom Analytics
I'm a software engineering mangaer for the innovation tea...
Unobtrusive, affordable analytics that I can use without feeling like a creeper.
Peter Thaleikis
Peter Thaleikis stacked Fathom Analytics
Hey, I'm Peter a developer and indie hacker. Building ran...
Looks very promising! Love the clean layout!
Peter Thaleikis
davidacreates stacked Fathom Analytics
👩🏾‍💻 making things with #webflow #nocode /// she/her
I've been thinking a lot about data privacy lately so decided to make the switch from Google Analytics. Glad I did. Love that it is distilled down to the analytics that matter.
Oliver WatersBinyamin Greenabz
Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan stacked Fathom Analytics
Maker. A weekly newsletter on products: engineeringrowth....
Crazy simple analytics, that gives just the right amount of data. Privacy-focused as charry on top.
Peter ThaleikisJack Ellispaul jarvis
Hugo stacked Fathom Analytics
Full-time product enthusiast. Part-time maker. Writing ab...
Are you starting to notice a theme? Privacy focused analytics, only tracking the essentials and not intruding on your visitors.
Peter ThaleikisJack Ellispaul jarvis
Julian Christian Anderson
Julian Christian Anderson stacked Fathom Analytics
Software Engineer. Helping people build amazing web appli...
Google analytics best alternative.
Peter ThaleikisJack Ellispaul jarvis
Brian Lovin
Brian Lovin stacked Fathom Analytics
Designing mobile apps @github Building @designdetailsfm,...
The best privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics. I switched over in 2019 and haven't looked back: the analytics are fast, simple, and easy to set up. They don't collect any information that warrants a GDPR disclosure, either, which is a nice win.
Parker HendersonPeter Thaleikispaul jarvis
Juha Liikala
Juha Liikala stacked Fathom Analytics
Howdy! 👋 Front-End & Pixels @Synopsys • Husband, Globetro...
Because analytics are great, but privacy matters
Peter Thaleikispaul jarvisJack Ellis
Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis stacked Fathom Analytics
Building simple, privacy-focused analytics at @usefathom....
We make it, love it and use it.
Peter Thaleikispaul jarvis
Bruce stacked Fathom Analytics
17 years old and making - block annoying...
It's lets me protect the privacy of my users and is much simpler to use than Google Analytics
Peter ThaleikisJack Ellispaul jarvis
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