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Satveer SinghSeb NeylanLindsay Robibero
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Seb Neylan
Seb Neylan stacked Up
Melburnian working in fintech.
Rad design since launch.
Cameron Vaea
Cameron Vaea stacked Up
Designer, Consultant. I'm all about helping businesses de...
Easily the most well-designed, thoughtful, personal banking experience.
Juan Vaamonde
Juan Vaamonde stacked Up
Designer at Cochlear & building Famillio
An Aussie bank that is actually a startup focusing on the customer experience of their apps, not trying to sell me on financial products I don't need, adding useful features fast and frequently, with great customer support, delightful design touches and a public roadmap.
Sassy SwankJosé CageKizzy
Mehmet Soyusatici
Mehmet Soyusatici stacked Up
Web & Graphic Designer at Hometime, full of witty remarks...
It makes it so much easier to manage my budget because it lists all my upcoming bills, and its savers feature is SO useful!
Jesse RussellHeidi Helen Pilypas
Jake Lunniss
Jake Lunniss stacked Up
The app is spectacular, the support is human, and available by chat, in the app. The features are building rapidly, and you can do everything a traditional bank account can plus some. Zero drawbacks, tons of benefits.
Heidi Helen Pilypas
Jesse Russell
Jesse Russell stacked Up
Product Manager at - I ❤️ tech, product, music...
How I view banking, specifically saving, has changed so much since I've started to use Up. I'm hyper-conscious of what I'm spending, and where, and I'm building new habits because of it.
Heidi Helen PilypasAbadesi
Ritesh Mandaliya
Ritesh Mandaliya stacked Up
Sucker for good design and hungry for app updates.
Up has changed the way I deal with my money. It's the little things –– upcoming bills, auto transfers, and so much more. Most of all, they listen to their customers. Very un-bank-like. Love it!
Jesse Russell
Clarence Wee
Clarence Wee stacked Up
Finding (and fixing) problems, and not breaking anything ...
A digital-led bank doing the right things. Haven't loved a bank, ever.
AaronJesse RussellCalum Webb
Melad Javadi
Melad Javadi stacked Up
Freelance Front-end Web Developer and Supergeek
a technology first digital bank. Regular updates have added lots of daily banking functionality that helps me manage my spending and savings
ɯoʇ tom
ɯoʇ tom stacked Up
CX, HCD & Conversational AI at scale. What can I say, I l...
They're way ahead of the curve. They think about how people need to bank, not how banks should tell them how to bank
Heidi Helen PilypasAbhijeet WankhadeAaron
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