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Ulysses for Mac, iPad and iPhone. Write Anything. Anywhere. Apple Design Award 2016, Best of Mac App Store 2015, 2013
Andrew ChenRebekah BastianPatrick Arminio
20 people use Ulysses. Do you?

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Rebekah Bastian
Rebekah Bastian stacked Ulysses
I am an entrepreneur, writer, artist, tech exec, mentor, ...
I wrote my book, Blaze Your Own Trail, using this! (mostly on my phone while putting my kids to sleep!)
Patrick Arminio
Patrick Arminio stacked Ulysses
Swiss⚡️Italian 🐍 @pyconit organiser 🐚 Backend Engineer @Po...
I love Ulysses because it gives me a very minimal writing experience plus a good way to organise my documents into folders/trees and it allows me to navigate between them easily
Mint.nat stacked Ulysses
Founder of Writtenspace.com (Developing). Medical Student...
Help me organize my essay work and is structured (satisfying)
Charlotte stacked Ulysses
Apple user who blogs about it 📱| Runner 🏃🏼‍♀️| Bullet Journal...
I love the wider range of export options Ulysses offers as well as the writing goal function. A really great app and a reasonable subscription price too.
Reza Saeedi
David Leuliette
David Leuliette stacked Ulysses
👋 Hi, I’m a freelance developer and bootcamp instructor ...
The writing experience is just the best with this app. And you can export the markdown in all differents formats.
Andrew Chen
Andrew Chen stacked Ulysses
a16z, ex-Uber. I write a newsletter at andrewchen.co.
Favorite writing app. I've spent hundreds of hours in this app to write long-form content. Simple, clean, beautiful. Syncs to Dropbox, iCloud, and more.
Aleksandra SmelianskaruchiReza Saeedi
Marlon stacked Ulysses
Swift Developer • Currently attending @lambdaschool • Mus...
If you're looking for the ultimate writing tool, make sure you definitely take a look at Ulysses. It has so many different ways to organize your files and I think the power of this is derived from the fact that all your writings are really in one pool. A brilliant writing tool!
David Spinks
David Spinks stacked Ulysses
Founder of @CMX, VP Community @bevylabs - Believer in com...
Helps me stay organized with book writing.
Lakshman Prasad
Lakshman Prasad stacked Ulysses
Maker. I build things. Starting anew. Philosopher. (Polym...
Best writing and organisational tool there is.
P. Kim Bui
P. Kim Bui stacked Ulysses
audience + innovation director, @azcentral | ❤️: @ONA, che...
Do you write a lot? Do you need something easy to use with nested folders? This is great and simple for heavy-duty writing.
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