UE Wonderboom 2
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Jonathan Feldstein, MD
Jonathan Feldstein, MD stacked UE Wonderboom 2
Engineer and design obsessive. Minimalist.
Custom fit headphones offer noise isolation without battery. Unbelievable sound quality (used by most musicians performing live).
Jonathan James
Jonathan James stacked UE Wonderboom 2
making moves
I love my little Wonderboom speaker from UE. It's portable, I can tie it to my bag and let it hang when out, it can get wet, and packs a punch for its size. I usually pair it when I'm with my friend who also owns and loves their Wonderboom speaker.
Tom Allen
Tom Allen stacked UE Wonderboom 2
Great quality
Max Rovensky
Max Rovensky stacked UE Wonderboom 2
React / Node.js developer. @zeithq
This is the best portable speaker. It is absurdly loud for it's size, the sound is clean and it's waterproofness makes it a perfect pool party speaker, as @levelsio can testify 😄
Abadesi stacked UE Wonderboom 2
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Packs a punch for the size and can pair with others.
julien zearoRahulAlexandre Mouriec
Rahul stacked UE Wonderboom 2
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I think it sounds good for it's price!
Jonathan James
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