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Fan-made automated account.
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PEW PEW LASERS stacked uBlock Origin
Endlessly curious. Always trying new things.
Hands down the best adblocker around. Gets as simple or as granular as you want!
Oleksii Luchnikov
Oleksii Luchnikov stacked uBlock Origin
I'm artist who drawing, painting, modelling, and coding.
hiding elements from browser
Mariano Mollo
Mariano Mollo stacked uBlock Origin
Open and simple.
Drew stacked uBlock Origin
CPA by day, anything else by night
It helps make browsing the web tolerable
Abhishek Kejriwal
Abhishek Kejriwal stacked uBlock Origin
Product Manager at Pratilipi
Best Ad Blocker in market.
Abhinav Marwaha
Abhinav Marwaha stacked uBlock Origin
Hakuna Matata
Best extension to clock ads
Sara Chah
Sara Chah stacked uBlock Origin
Heart director
Does what it has to do
Marin Gilles
Marin Gilles stacked uBlock Origin
Starting on the path of entrepreneurship
Because there are too much ads on the internet
Michael Le
Michael Le stacked uBlock Origin
Trying to find things to make my life easier. I write at ...
Best popup blocker
Conrad Kraft
Conrad Kraft stacked uBlock Origin
Pattern Recogniser
Keeps me safe from trackers
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