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Rohan stacked Typeform
I'm a product manager based in New Delhi 🇮🇳 with more than...
Good UI. Easy to use.
Maurizio Wagenhaus
Maurizio Wagenhaus stacked Typeform
Tushar Jawa
Tushar Jawa stacked Typeform
Learning to build and scale products.
Ease of use and playful interface
Gabe stacked Typeform
- Product at BentoBox ( - Advocate for mor...
Allows us to slice data easily and easy to setup.
Ale Donoso
Ale Donoso stacked Typeform
Focused on Product and Team Management. Everything relate...
Easy and flexible
John Luke Garofalo
John Luke Garofalo stacked Typeform
Founder at Front Yard Fantasy
A really beautiful, professional survey experience. It's a bit pricey and could be more versatile, but it's one of the best survey products out there.
Surzayon GhoshAaron
Adam Grenier
Adam Grenier stacked Typeform
Learn a ton before you launch
James Huang
James Huang stacked Typeform
Days @MicrosoftTeams
Hassle-free design.
Jas Shah
Jas Shah stacked Typeform
Product Manager/Consultant with 12+ years experience buil...
Usually at the very initial stages when the user numbers are small but large enough for me not to be able to interview/review each individual
Pietro Bezza
Pietro Bezza stacked Typeform
Category design nerds. From Parma to London with ham
Insanely beautiful forms. And the founders are my friends
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