Twist is the only communication tool thoughtfully designed for remote teams.
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v.keerthi vikram
v.keerthi vikram stacked Twist
Data Scientist and productivity fanatic.
This revolutionizes asynchronous communication.
Phil Dearson
Phil Dearson stacked Twist
Partner at Subsector. Creator of the N2D Method®... Prior...
Asynchronous Slack alternative
Ted Pearlman
Ted Pearlman stacked Twist
The guy behind and
It does a great job of keeping notifications in check. And it has clear, easy-to-use thread.
Gonçalo stacked Twist
CTO at @Doist, building Todoist and Twist
Disclaimer: I work at Doist. Unsurprisingly, Doist practically runs on Twist. If you are interested in asynchronous thoughtful, long-form discussions I'd recommend giving Twist a try. Chat is also available, but where Twist really shines is in asynchronous communication.
Nichanan Kesonpat
Nichanan Kesonpat stacked Twist
📝 | 👩🏻‍💻 ReactJS, Solidity, NodeJS | 💼 spiritc...
Slack alternative designed for async comms: no online indicators, channel chats organized into threads so topical discussions are easy to find & follow. Team adoption was fits and starts but I think it will be powerful once we figure out norms around thread naming &categorization
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Gopikrishnan Mohan
Gopikrishnan Mohan stacked Twist
Building @savemo_app. Ex-product @ Capital Float
Really great ideas. But their apps are really really bad.
Leah Taylor
Leah Taylor stacked Twist
Communications lead for Cast Influence, Doist & MURAL. PR...
My alternative to Slack, for quick team communication that isn't distracting when I need to focus and write. Everything is sorted by threads - combining email and chat into one platform
Ryan Hoover
Fabián Acuña H.
Fabián Acuña H. stacked Twist
Always learning. Connecting dots. #Remote @9punto5_ #9punto5
Async and calm communication
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