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XeonĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
An unapologetic nerd studying CS and math.
There are 3 aspects of light, and they have a significant influence on everything else in a room.
Prajwal B. Kumar
Prajwal B. KumarĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Productivity Nerd. Looking for a life in cyberspace.
Love the color syncs.
Michael Silber
Michael SilberĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Brooklyn based product manager
Sets the mood
Rachel Barno
Rachel BarnoĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Social Media Marketer, Founder of Creative Space Social, ...
Time saver, helps my creativity & moods- my entire house has Hue lights
David Bressler
David BresslerĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
I write at the intersection of parenting, tech, and cultu...
Really easy to use, fun for the kids to create moods.
dylan maxwell
dylan maxwellĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Curious, like a cat. Must have deadlines to stay alive. Q...
Minimizing steps to my life.
Sachit Bhat
Sachit BhatĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Quest to optimize life
Love the presets and color schemes
GaetanĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Product Designer at Back Market Previously Boursorama Ba...
Every lamps turned on šŸ‘Œ
Ant's Toolbox
Ant's ToolboxĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Ants Toolbox
Sets my mood just right
Doug Safreno
Doug SafrenoĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Co-founder of Pragli, a virtual office for remote workers...
I'm lazy... now I can ask Siri to turn off my lights without getting out of bed.
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