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dylan maxwell
dylan maxwellĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Curious, like a cat. Must have deadlines to stay alive. Q...
Minimizing steps to my life.
Sachit Bhat
Sachit BhatĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Quest to optimize life
Love the presets and color schemes
GaetanĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Product Designer at Back Market Previously Boursorama Ba...
Every lamps turned on šŸ‘Œ
Ant's Toolbox
Ant's ToolboxĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Ants Toolbox
Sets my mood just right
Doug Safreno
Doug SafrenoĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Co-founder of Pragli, a virtual office for remote workers...
I'm lazy... now I can ask Siri to turn off my lights without getting out of bed.
Stephanie Lehuger
Stephanie LehugerĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Currently Head of Growth at Actiondesk in San Francisco, ...
Changes the atmosphere of my home in a heart beat
Hussein Yahfoufi
Hussein YahfoufiĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Co-founder at Money Minx. CIO at eCapital. Yoga saved my ...
Late to the party but better late than never. Just started getting Hue lights and really enjoying them.
urastĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Growth & No Code Geek
Danny de Vries
Danny de VriesĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
I'm an Indie Maker building digital products for the web ...
Probably all the lights from my office are powered by hue bulbs. I can easily control them from their hue sync software or elgato stream deck.
Malcolm cean
Malcolm ceanĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
Systems designer, bootstrapping meaningful purposeful liv...
IFTTT integration allows me to have custom lighting based on my pomodoro timer & next action
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