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8 people use Tweek Calendar. Do you?

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Great for weekly plans, still use google calendar for birthdays and longer-term.
Alex Vasilevsky
Alex Vasilevsky stacked Tweek Calendar
product owner
Anna stacked Tweek Calendar
illustrator / web designer / tech geek - Athens 🇬🇷
Tweek literally changed my life. I'm a sucker for complicated digital tools but nothing could beat the clarity I got when using a simple paper planner. Tweek is just like that but with all the advantages of being a digital product. I can't recommend it highly enough! ❤️
Ayush TiwariMaximilien Moreau (Max)Alex Vasilevsky
Alice stacked Tweek Calendar
☀️ Experienced Data Platform Engineer ☀️ Kafka Advocate ☀️ A...
A really simple interface for jotting down the things I've worked on as a reminder for the daily standup
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