Trillion Dollar Coach
The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell
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Magic Hans
Magic Hans stacked Trillion Dollar Coach
Digital service development connoisseur, technical fx + c...
Fantastic read about the coach that worked with some of the most brilliant minds in Silicon Valley - written post mortem by Eric Schmidt and other Google top dogs post mortem to honour his teachings.
Michael Silberling
Michael Silberling stacked Trillion Dollar Coach
South Floridian in Seattle. Doing things @Amazon. 🐊 @UF A...
Eye opening thoughts on setting pride aside to be coachable (and being effective in 1:1s)
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Joe Korngiebel
Joe Korngiebel stacked Trillion Dollar Coach
be passionate... be innovative... be the best!
Best Leadership Book that I have read in awhile...
Ankit Agarwal
Ankit Agarwal stacked Trillion Dollar Coach
Digital & Growth Operator | Public Learning Enthusiast | ...
The gold standard for learning how to be a great leader/manager and above all, how to be a great professional
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