A visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project
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1K people use Trello. Do you?

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Matthieu Gavaudan
Matthieu Gavaudan stacked Trello
Product manager at a predictive analytics startup in New ...
Simple, low touch interface.
gaurav porwal
gaurav porwal stacked Trello
FullStack Developer At Geekyants. Love Building Apps usin...
Helps me manage my project very efficiently and very easy to know the overall progress
ilaria defilippo
ilaria defilippo stacked Trello
Interior designer & creative/merchandising consultant, wo...
I can go through the projects I'm following simply moving the tiles
Steve Paulo
Steve Paulo stacked Trello
SW Eng @invitae. Xoogler. Maker @PastimeLabs. Certified S...
Whether managing tasks for my personal and home life, my day job work, or my side projects, Trello's lists/cards/labels paradigm speaks my brain's language. Excellent mobile app as well.
Ernesto Nachos
Ernesto Nachos stacked Trello
I’m spending all my time on three areas; Exploring gadget...
Teamwork makes the dream work
Carlos Orelhas
Carlos Orelhas stacked Trello
Self-taught Programmer
Best way to share work with team
Mayur stacked Trello
Thank you Come Again !
I user Trello for my Project Management
Resa Aqrobby
Resa Aqrobby stacked Trello
Half orc, Half procrastinator, fulltime daydreamer.
Isaak Dury
Isaak Dury stacked Trello
CEO + Founder of @TidyHQApp. Making an impact but treadin...
It’s powerful and (was) cheap!
JC Medina
JC Medina stacked Trello
the fun in funeral
It's simple. Gets the job done!
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