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Karen Nguyen
Karen Nguyen stacked Leuchtturm1917
A self-proclaimed enthusiast of everything product.
Love the hardcovers and a wide variety of colours.
Ben Kenney
Ben Kenney stacked Leuchtturm1917
"Starting something new" is what people seem to say. Prio...
I like to use the orange softcover A6 notepad for sketching things down quickly.
Mihai Serban
Mihai Serban stacked Leuchtturm1917
Digital Product Designer. Problem solver.
I have the Notebook Medium (A5, hardcover, dotted grid paper) and I love it. Hands-down the best notebook I ever had (and reasonably priced too).
𝗥𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟 stacked Leuchtturm1917
CS student workin and learning. Into tech and crypto
Love Leuchtturm, ever since I saw True Detective I had to have their products
Kamill stacked Leuchtturm1917
co-founder, business design consultant @ meet| #business...
A5 dotted notebook, hardcover, black - simply the best
Erin stacked Leuchtturm1917
fascinated how the internet can promote equity 🤓 @studio2...
my go-to, the one I carry with daily, doesn't leave me aside.
Michal Subel
Michal Subel stacked Leuchtturm1917
Product Manager DX Sustainability @Zalando. Previously at...
I use the dotted Bullet Journal edition notebooks. I love that they have 3 bookmarks/Page-markers in different colors allowing me to quickly access frequently accessed pages. The elastic enclosure band can double as pen holder.
HBM stacked Leuchtturm1917
Architect. Researcher.
Numbered pages, easier to reference in digital notes
Joe Keyport
Joe Keyport stacked Leuchtturm1917
I'm a podcaster, reporter, writer, and musician.
I can't function without my bujo.
𝑳𝒆𝒙 stacked Leuchtturm1917
pro Excel nerd ⋮ data, writing, photography, fandom, ling...
My absolute favourite notebooks. Dot grid all the way.
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