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Michal Subel
Michal Subel stacked Leuchtturm1917
Product Manager DX Sustainability @Zalando. Previously at...
I use the dotted Bullet Journal edition notebooks. I love that they have 3 bookmarks/Page-markers in different colors allowing me to quickly access frequently accessed pages. The elastic enclosure band can double as pen holder.
HBM stacked Leuchtturm1917
Architect. Researcher.
Numbered pages, easier to reference in digital notes
Doctor Fun Phd, Attorney at Law
Doctor Fun Phd, Attorney at Law stacked Leuchtturm1917
I'm a podcaster, reporter, writer, and musician.
I can't function without my bujo.
𝑳𝒆𝒙 stacked Leuchtturm1917
pro Excel nerd ⋮ data, writing, photography, fandom, ling...
My absolute favourite notebooks. Dot grid all the way.
Olu stacked Leuchtturm1917
| they/them | 💖, plantain, plans ...
Beautiful feeling notebooks that open flat, with an index and page numbers?!
Jordi Mon Companys Mora Casamitjana
Jordi Mon Companys Mora Casamitjana stacked Leuchtturm1917
Just an average guy with exceptional hair
The touch of the paper.
Kieron Kevan
Kieron Kevan stacked Leuchtturm1917
I'm a UX designer living in Liverpool. I love design, lea...
Good quality paper and lots of different styles, dotted, lined, all sorts. Great for writers and designers, or if you just fancy a sketch.
Parker HendersonVipul Satya
Romy Lynch
Romy Lynch stacked Leuchtturm1917
🇮🇪💁‍♀️building something new | YCS19 ✨
Been using the dotted notebook for a while, comes with an built in table of contents which I love for quick reference
Peter ThaleikisSrivatsa MudumdyHeath Blandford
Tomas Vestenicky
Tomas Vestenicky stacked Leuchtturm1917
Designer, developer, problem solver. Maker of 🐻https://ww...
Truly beautiful notebook. It's a joy to use. I started using it for bullet journaling but ended up taking all kinds of notes and daily learnings.
Jonathan Grahl | BittermandelAaron
Robert Occhialini
Robert Occhialini stacked Leuchtturm1917
Currently a free agent. Former Chief Nerd/Founder at ELEA...
Better than Moleskine because of the paper and the quality of the other materials, as well. I love the wide variety of colors these come in.
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