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Tamas Zelizi
Tamas Zelizi stacked Todoist
UI Designer, empty screen addict, pop-up window cleaner. ...
The most simple, clean, and user-friendly task manager 🙋🏻‍♂️
Sherif junaid
Sherif junaid stacked Todoist
My name is Sherif Junaid
Its the best of the best
Marvin Danig
Marvin Danig stacked Todoist
Founder of The Red Goose and Bubblin—the binge reader. Ma...
Tom Mighell
Tom Mighell stacked Todoist
Lawyer. Nerd.
Best task manager, hands down.
Chris Sheffield
Chris Sheffield stacked Todoist
global head - client services at CitrusAd • ex PayPal & T...
If I had a top 5 for my necessary apps for me to live, this would be in it. The best to do list app I have come across and used consistently.
Mike Hale
Mike Hale stacked Todoist
Founder Stompgear Digital Marketing. I help companies wit...
I use this to manage my GTD system
Jason Silverstein
Jason Silverstein stacked Todoist
Seattle-area tech guy. Tango Card employee. Active partic...
Was once a Things guy, but bringing collaboration to the todo list is now required.
kitsch stacked Todoist
Relentless optimism.Human.She/her/your majestyFormer @ k ...
Because it helps me track my activities and write down every single thing that comes to my mind right into categories and action steps.
Coleman FoleyHerman SchutteZee
Brandon stacked Todoist
I am an attorney from Mississippi.
My go-to to do list application. I use this for actionable tasks and Trello to track long term progress.
Lucas stacked Todoist
I'm a socially conscious consumer that's always looking t...
I pay for Todoist. The easy to use design and diverse amount of useful integrations has made it my trusted tool to manage my life.
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