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TOPOL.ioĀ stackedĀ Todoist
B2B SaaS | Manager of
Its easy
Emerson Volkova
Emerson VolkovaĀ stackedĀ Todoist
Currently a barista at Foxtail Coffee Co in Orlando, FL. ...
Intuitive and easy to personalize
MatyasĀ stackedĀ Todoist
I'm a student, interested in art and code
Todoist has very recently extended their free plan with labels and google calendar sync, which was enough for me to switch over.
VidyaĀ stackedĀ Todoist
Productivity junkie. Tools hoarder. Looking for apps to o...
It's simple features and no fuss UI so I can easily navigate through it.
oofdereĀ stackedĀ Todoist
Broadcast Student at Los Angeles Valley College
The only task management platform that's worked for me, personally.
Daniel Vinciguerra
Daniel VinciguerraĀ stackedĀ Todoist
Senior Software Engineer/Architect, Perl, Ruby, JS and C/...
Simple, featured and have great integrations
Michael Brooks
Michael BrooksĀ stackedĀ Todoist
I like stuff!
It helps keep me organised and productive.
Vahid Jozi
Vahid JoziĀ stackedĀ Todoist
Product - Growth - Investment
keyboard shortcuts
Jaka GodejŔa
Jaka GodejÅ”aĀ stackedĀ Todoist
Student of Tourism.
Clean and simple, like it should be.
bryanĀ stackedĀ Todoist
Dad. Nerd. Fixer of things. Breaker of things. Maker of t...
After a 2-year hiatus, I recently switched back and glad I did. Stressed and fighting burnout, I needed something simple, quick and not overthought. The Todoist Syntax v3 action in Drafts, 2-way sync with Google Calendar and their natural language processing is just amazing.
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