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ygk stacked Todoist
coding is everything about me, without it who am i ?
Anders Björk
Anders Björk stacked Todoist
Jag jobbar med UX design och driver också en rad egna web...
Simple tool that just works.
Vincent Vu
Vincent Vu stacked Todoist
CS @ USC | TroyLabs & HackSC | I build things
It's pretty efficient in design and is pretty simple to use, got necessary features like priority & project labels etc...
Jorge Vildoso
Jorge Vildoso stacked Todoist
BetaTester Humanbeing
Simple and beautiful
djarrettamor stacked Todoist
PhD candidate in the Integrated Systems Laboratory resear...
Simple and clean interface with many useful tools for organizing projects and tasks, as well as excellent integration features.
matagus stacked Todoist
Hi :)
Simple & powerful, it's easy to start using it. I'm using the Google Calendar sync and now Todoist is the only thing I check each morning and the center of all my activities :) stacked Todoist
B2B SaaS | Manager of
Its easy
Emerson Volkova
Emerson Volkova stacked Todoist
Currently a barista at Foxtail Coffee Co in Orlando, FL. ...
Intuitive and easy to personalize
Matyas stacked Todoist
I'm a student, interested in art and code
Todoist has very recently extended their free plan with labels and google calendar sync, which was enough for me to switch over.
Vidya stacked Todoist
Productivity junkie. Tools hoarder. Looking for apps to o...
It's simple features and no fuss UI so I can easily navigate through it.
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