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Vahid Jozi
Vahid Jozi stacked Todoist
Product - Growth - Investment
keyboard shortcuts
Jaka Godejša
Jaka Godejša stacked Todoist
Student of Tourism.
Clean and simple, like it should be.
bryan stacked Todoist
Dad. Nerd. Fixer of things. Breaker of things. Maker of t...
After a 2-year hiatus, I recently switched back and glad I did. Stressed and fighting burnout, I needed something simple, quick and not overthought. The Todoist Syntax v3 action in Drafts, 2-way sync with Google Calendar and their natural language processing is just amazing.
➤ Cyril Druesne
➤ Cyril Druesne stacked Todoist
N’avez-vous, n’avons-nous rien de mieux à faire ?
Natural langage input.
Andrew Funk
Andrew Funk stacked Todoist
Just a human.
Idk, just do
The World as Trill & Representation
The World as Trill & Representation stacked Todoist
Marketing Science (AI | ML | Product) • Books • Humane Te...
Fantastic for managing personal and professional projects
Nestore Novati
Nestore Novati stacked Todoist
Developer, tech enthusiast, mac lover.
Best todo list manager
Saadh S.
Saadh S. stacked Todoist
Uh. Digital marketing. Affiliate & media buying. Programm...
Only while trying to use with Slash
Brian Dewangga
Brian Dewangga stacked Todoist
Check out my stacks!
Cross-platform support makes it easy to jump around multiple devices and sync all the data.
Zachary David Chaney
Zachary David Chaney stacked Todoist
I am a Product Manager, nerd, amateur coder, gamer, athle...
Use to it..
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