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v.keerthi vikram
v.keerthi vikram stacked Todoist
Data Scientist and productivity fanatic.
A really good app for todo's. Has advanced features and a great design. Only other competitor I see is TickTick.
Ross stacked Todoist
eCommerce Coordinator, business owner, podcaster and prod...
I love the filters that show you the right information when you need to see it. Also, the Google Calendar 2 way sync, is good.
Jesse RussellMicah CarrollKevin
Stephanie Lehuger
Stephanie Lehuger stacked Todoist
Currently Head of Growth at Actiondesk in San Francisco, ...
Anything I don’t want to forget gets added there: my short term to do list, long term projects and list books and movies I’ve been recommended.
sᴉɹɥɔ stacked Todoist
Cross-platform - goldilocks feature set.
Michael Green
Michael Green stacked Todoist
Trying to be better today than I was yesterday... I fail ...
Currently the command center of my life
Steven Cornelis
Steven Cornelis stacked Todoist
YouTuber and automation geek
I love it because it is easy to manage, understands natural language and had good automation support
Cristian Spoiala
Cristian Spoiala stacked Todoist
Tech enthusiast
Very easy to use, yet with all features that I need.
Zach Gramstad
Zach Gramstad stacked Todoist
I design and build Linq.
Simple, easy, intuitive, NLP, collaborative.
Patrick Sullivan
Dimitrios Mytilinaios MD, PhD
Dimitrios Mytilinaios MD, PhD stacked Todoist
Content & Strategy @kenhub | Neuroanatomy lover 🧠
Easy and intuitive way to move your ideas somewhere safer than your brain
Brendan stacked Todoist
Need help getting documents from people? Onboarding new s...
It's okay... but have moved towords Pipedrive so mostly use for non-sales stuff which also lives on Google Keep
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