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Trim and share stories to Instagram from any app
John McTavishmaiqueBehrouz J.
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John McTavish
John McTavish stacked to Stories
Creative copywriter and endurance junky fueled by new ide...
Super simple and intuitive way to post just about anything to Instagram stories. The video snippet selector was what won me over a year ago, but since then it's been updated a lot. Just a really useful, no-frills tool for IG 🙏
Julia Markhadaeva
Julia Markhadaeva stacked to Stories
User Growth @SoundCloud
It's significantly easy to share content to IG stories.
PassbaseJesse Russell
maique stacked to Stories
🌴🍦📷 Photographer 🍭 Lisbon 💻 [[email protected] ~]$
Post to Stories straight from your Camera Roll. See the photo you want to post ? Share it instantly, no more scrolling up and down trying to find it from inside Instagram. Solved an issue I had for a long time.
Behrouz J.
Behrouz J. stacked to Stories
a podcast binging stat sharing social media researcher & ...
Makes my life easier by letting me share to my Instagram Story from any app on iOS (that lets you share a photo or video)
Alexey GlobchastyyIgor Stepahin
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