Tiller Money
Your finances in Google Sheets, Automatically
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Jack Cohen
Jack Cohen stacked Tiller Money
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There's something empowering about having full access to the raw data across a variety of financial accounts. Apps like Truebill, Clarity, Copilot, and others abstract too much away. Tiller makes me feel like I truly have a grasp over my financial health.
kurtreckz stacked Tiller Money
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Family finances all organized and dashboarded but completely customizable in gsheets
Troy Petrunoff
Troy Petrunoff stacked Tiller Money
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Never been a big budgeting app person (Mint sucks), and am not a super advanced Google Sheets user. Tiller has the automation and data that Mint has, and ports it into Sheets. Exactly what I needed to get better control of my finances.
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