Thinking Fast and Slow
by Daniel Kahneman
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VaibhavĀ stackedĀ Thinking Fast and Slow
Writing about Psychology at Psych šŸ§  - http://psych.substa...
I love the approach of two types of thinking mentioned in it.
erycĀ stackedĀ Thinking Fast and Slow
It impacts the way you think by explaining you how your thinking works.
Pallavi Benawri
Pallavi BenawriĀ stackedĀ Thinking Fast and Slow
Product Designer @Visa. Ex-UMich, Ex-IITG.
This book has powerful insights on human psychology and biases supplemented with experimental evidence.
Helped me understand more about how the mind works. I can now recognise when my fast brain is taking over rein it in if I need to.
Deepa Arora
Deepa AroraĀ stackedĀ Thinking Fast and Slow
hakuna matada
Extremely humbling in that it made me a lot less confident in my own thoughts and intuitions. Which overall was a big net positive in all aspects of my life imo.
Vivek T S
Vivek T SĀ stackedĀ Thinking Fast and Slow
Software Engineer from India
Insightful information on how our brain works!
Amal David
Amal DavidĀ stackedĀ Thinking Fast and Slow
Building products between the realms
Helps relook every decisions we make and course correct
Vinayak Nair
Vinayak NairĀ stackedĀ Thinking Fast and Slow
Founder and Hustler @ carving a n...
I was proud of my intuitions and judgments, now I'm careful
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Ivan Stepanov
Ivan StepanovĀ stackedĀ Thinking Fast and Slow
Solo maker and art director at an advertising agency. Cre...
Completely changed how I see human behavior and what I expect of others. Stopped judging in many cases. It Improves decision making by a ton when you understand why people do what they do (the book won't explain it all of course, but a significant part of it)
JulieStefan NatterRadoslav Stankov
You start treating your conclusions with a humbler mind.
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