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Lauren Huttner
Lauren Huttner stacked thingtesting
northwestern medill ‘24 || denver
where all the cool kids get their products
Nandana YadlaEmma ButlerJake Hung Tran
Kevin stacked thingtesting
Interested in good UI/UX, innovative design, and generall...
Really nice D2C brand discovery platform. As a sucker for Instagram-born brands with cool product designs and interesting concepts, this service is very appreciated. They're very early in catching new companies too, so that's always nice!
Troy Petrunoff
Troy Petrunoff stacked thingtesting
Marketing @lensabl 🤓 | #DTC marketing by day, #FilmTwitte...
Love what thingtesting is doing. It goes beyond product reviews and dives deep into the story behind the brand. Plus their aesthetic rules.
Jesse ReichensteinCaitlin TranJuan Gabriel Perez
A fresh voice and POV on new consumer products.
kurtreckz stacked thingtesting
Habs fan, working on beer insights and data and such at @...
Great way to keep up with new DTC brands
Nandana YadlaJesse ReichensteinLukas Klinser
Aleksandra Smelianska
Aleksandra Smelianska stacked thingtesting
Building digital products.
An amazing way to discover DTC brands. I prefer small brands to the mass market and now I find them through thingtesting. Also, love reading the stories behind the brands and people building them.
Kelly HeardJesse Reichensteinotho
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec stacked thingtesting
Full Stack Developer @ APITIC
I love the quality and the time and effort put in the Thingtesting reviews. In my opinion, it's like Wirecutter for D2C
Aleksandra Smelianska
I.D. [sw11sh]
I.D. [sw11sh] stacked thingtesting
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great source to see brand launches that might go under the radar
Aaron stacked thingtesting
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I love thingtesting, Jenny Gyllander has created something special with it. Fantastic reviews coupled with beautiful product photography all centralised on an app I use every single day.
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