Things 3
Your to-do list for Mac & iOS
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asyraf stacked Things 3
Musician & ProgrammΞr 🤘
simple and worth it
Frederik Paulus
Frederik Paulus stacked Things 3
Policy analyst in economics, tinkerer in all things tech....
Thoughtful design that nudges behaviour in just the right places.
Joshua Hoffman
Joshua Hoffman stacked Things 3
Northwestern Computer Science 2023 | Photographer
Beautiful UI, intuitive, large user base.
Jose Paul Martin
Jose Paul Martin stacked Things 3
Private Equity & Venture Capitalist • Connect with me @ h...
After working with Todoist, turned to this. It's expensive when you buy all device apps. But it's a one time purchase. Love the ease of use, especially shortcuts.
Igor Samokhovets
Igor Samokhovets stacked Things 3
I make products and bass music 🎺
Cause it's simple and shiny!
Till Quack
Till Quack stacked Things 3
Product @mapillary. Formerly Apple, Qualcomm, kooaba, ETH...
Have been relying on it daily since first version msny years back
Nando stacked Things 3
Hey there! I am Fernando, and I currently work as a Produ...
A true native iOS/Mac OS GTD experience.
Anna Ae
Anna Ae stacked Things 3
Tech Dreamer & Encourager 🙏🏼🤖 [email protected]
Minimalizm 🙌
Stefan stacked Things 3
I help startups & companies validate, prototype and desig...
Clean design.
Raphael Schaad
Raphael Schaad stacked Things 3
Founder CEO at Cron, Swiss Designer & MIT Engineer
Slickest task manager for Mac and iPhone. Love the quick-add. Sadly no API.
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