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Sam Jamshidi
Sam Jamshidi stacked Things
I'm a writer and a film major. I'm 21 years old. A bit of...
The ability to set separate start and due dates is fucking invaluable to me for working on my school assignments, I also just like the design.
Kimball Frank Wirig
Kimball Frank Wirig stacked Things
Boom boom boom
It nice
Juan Christoferson
Juan Christoferson stacked Things
A lawyer, learning how to write to help me think.
easy information capture to the inbox
Clean, simple, solid and more importantly, it offers exactly what a task manager meant to do, nothing more, nothing less.
Evelyn Scarborough
Evelyn Scarborough stacked Things
Physio, fitness junkie.
Klint Ramdass
Klint Ramdass stacked Things
Product Manager, Tech Nerd, Music Geek, Husband, Dad. Opi...
My task management app for work.
steve ulrich
steve ulrich stacked Things
someone cooks up something for you to do, capture it in style and watch the list of your neglect grow daily.
Nima stacked Things
I'm a UX/UI Designer
Great features.
Mike Lapidakis
Mike Lapidakis stacked Things
Miss travel, obsess over new tech, try my hand at photogr...
Things balances simplicity and advanced functionality under one app. Capturing tasks is easy, triaging is enjoyable, and filtering and sorting is baked right in.
James Huang
James Huang stacked Things
Days @MicrosoftTeams
Quick entry is a timesaver.
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