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noah stacked The Verge
I am Noah. I love everything Apple. Also I love all tech
best tech news website
Richard Gonzales
Richard Gonzales stacked The Verge
@UArizona alum 🐻⬇️ Product Manager for @BiteSquad / @Wait...
My go-to tech site
Frequent reader of The Verge. They write stuff I want to read :)
Ben Ridgway
Ben Ridgway stacked The Verge
Have 🚲 will ride... 💻@NewMotion | previously @TripAdvisor...
Here for Vergecast
Evan Hirsh bingo brunch, presented by Coca Cola
Evan Hirsh bingo brunch, presented by Coca Cola stacked The Verge
king of the eboys. @rittigers student. wrote code @micros...
One of the tech websites I read every day. Been a dedicated reader / fan of the site since it launched, and it inspires me to build software that's good for the world.
Christopher Mann
Christopher Mann stacked The Verge
I love tech
Great YouTube
gopibabu stacked The Verge
Passionate web developer 👨🏽‍💻
Tech news
Dieter Bohn
Dieter Bohn stacked The Verge
Executive Editor, The Verge. Tech commentary. Typos are i...
This is my website :)
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