The Mom Test
How to talk customers & learn if your business is a good ida
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Rahul stacked The Mom Test
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Beautifully explained
Jeano stacked The Mom Test
Product manager who loves tech, the good it can do for us...
While I haven't used these questions on my mom, it provides a lot of great examples and guidance on how to make the most of interviews and feedback. I try to ask these kinds of questions in all areas of my life now.
Trevor Murphy
Trevor Murphy stacked The Mom Test
Designing experiences at @oscarhealth | building an acces...
Honestly I’d recommend this book to anyone who needs to get honest answers from users. If you can get honest feedback from your mom you can get honest feedback from anyone!
Ahmed MenSrivatsa MudumdyJack Smith
JesúsAntonio stacked The Mom Test
Founder of we help companies automate proc...
Don't build shit no one is going to pay for it.
Vladimir Merkushev
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Product Manager with 15+ years of experience in online e-...
Must read and use in your daily product work
Alexey Grigorev
Pavel V
Pavel V stacked The Mom Test
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Because it trains you to ask questions to get honest answers
Thierry Faucher
Thierry Faucher stacked The Mom Test
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In startup incubators, we are told to pitch. Rob tells us to listen and ask the right questions.
Chris Holm-Hansen
Chris Holm-Hansen stacked The Mom Test
Startups and design. And a lot of other stuff too. Curren...
A lot of value in a small and approachable format
Seth Fannin
Seth Fannin stacked The Mom Test
#NoCode Maker. The host of NuCode El Paso Meetup. SaaS, T...
Amazing reality check of how we sometimes don't listen enough to users and should listen more often. A reminder to ask the right questions.
Morgan CrutchfieldShavin PeiriesAhmed Men
Delphine Ruaro
Delphine Ruaro stacked The Mom Test
PM @Zopa
Found this book incredibly useful when starting to run research at work. Short and sweet, all the tips condensed in a book to help you get real insights from your customers.
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