The Messy Middle
Finding Your Way Through the Hardest Part of a Bold Venture
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Jo√£o Vitor MartinsJohn KingShamir Allibhai
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Jo√£o Vitor Martins
João Vitor Martins stacked The Messy Middle
I'm JVM, a Software Engineer. Manézinho from Floripa, Bra...
From idea to profitability - there is a lot involved.
John King
John King stacked The Messy Middle
Creator & strategist @TAPP
Because nothing starts out perfectly in the real world.
Shamir Allibhai
Shamir Allibhai stacked The Messy Middle
Builder of video AI products: Ambe...
Discusses the oft glossed over middle part of the journey of startups through story and with applicable insights.
Marko Saric
Marko Saric stacked The Messy Middle
On a mission to help you share what you love and get disc...
Loved this book! And as the title says it does go into the often forgotten and not-so-sexy day to day activities growing a startup.
alex ma
alex ma stacked The Messy Middle
Building stuff!
Because Scott Belskey wrote it.
Ryan Hoover
Jeevan Jonas
Jeevan Jonas stacked The Messy Middle
Artist, Interaction Designer
Nobody talks about the messy middle. This is about the struggle in between.
Seun stacked The Messy Middle
Connecting what happens now to what happens next. Develop...
Great way to understand the rollercoaster that is building a company
Dapo OlaopaAaron
Leif Abraham
Leif Abraham stacked The Messy Middle
Co-CEO, Co-Founder And.Co (acq. by Fiverr), Pa...
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