The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers by Ben Horowitz
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Abhineet Kumar
Abhineet Kumar stacked The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Consult senior leaders (CEO, CFO, and President offices) ...
Documents a builder's journey so well - kept coming back to the book when I was building Rocketfood
Harsha MV
Harsha MV stacked The Hard Thing About Hard Things
I like to solve big problems that can positively impact m...
Its the real deal!
Annie Gherini
Annie Gherini stacked The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Marketing exec. Startup advisor. Avid runner. Keynote spe...
Ben Horowitz's candor around what it was really like to start a company and fail, succeed, fail again and finally pull out a win. Also interesting to recount what it was like in the midst of the dotcom bubble. If you are an entrepreneur, read this book.
Bharath SrinivasVinayak NairKieron Kevan
Ben Horowitz is a fucking legend in the Valley, and this books takes you through his experiences and lessons learnt. It's full of great lessons, written in a fun and memorable way. So many of the accounts in the books I won't forget anytime soon.
anne m dwane
anne m dwane stacked The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Early stage investor in SF
Seth Fannin
Seth Fannin stacked The Hard Thing About Hard Things
#NoCode Maker. The host of NuCode El Paso Meetup. SaaS, T...
Netscape Journey , Mark Andressen, Ben Horowwitz! Easy answer
Chris Sheffield
Chris Sheffield stacked The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Global Head of Client Services | Writ...
Ben takes you into the weeds and hits you with the hard facts. You get to explore the hard things you can go through working at a startup. From working at one, I can recommend this to anyone who wants to understand just how hard it can be.
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Stanislav Yevchenko
Stanislav Yevchenko stacked The Hard Thing About Hard Things
IT entrepreneur 👨‍💻️startups 📈business ☝️hustle 🤖AI & ML
Inspiring story
Kirill stacked The Hard Thing About Hard Things
29 y.o. old siberian mathematician
Shailesh Vickram Singh
Shailesh Vickram Singh stacked The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Environment, Governance, Poverty , Agriculture, Startups ...
first hand account of realties of startups
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