The Great CEO Within
The tactical guide to company building
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Sergi Benet
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Building @meller. 🌴 Exploring #fintech
Michael Brandt
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Co-founder of @hvmn. Marathoner & triathlete. In joyful p...
Well articulated management concepts for the modern world. Very actionable stuff.
Bryan Sbriglia
Bryan Sbriglia stacked The Great CEO Within
Supply Ops @AirGarageInc | Travel Hacking Enthusiast
Great book even for non-founders. Deep dive into tactical management, including things as small as 1:1 structures up to handling big layoffs.
Andrew Conner
Andrew Conner stacked The Great CEO Within
Co-founder @unlocklevels, working to make a dent in the m...
Tactical and practical advice
Nivi stacked The Great CEO Within
Internet legend
This book got me hooked on GTD. Also happens to be the best book for founders who are looking to scale.
Naval stacked The Great CEO Within
A few years ago, one stormy night, @mattmochary appeared in my office window. He coached me out of my pit, and like any self respecting billionaire playboy, never charged me a dollar! Matt is since long gone, but I can hear his gentle counsel in these pages.
JoelKlauss AKieron Kevan
Eric Siu
Eric Siu stacked The Great CEO Within
CEO of ClickFlow / Owner @singlegrain. Speaker. Podcaster...
Field guide to building a great company. Very practical and to the point.
Mak stacked The Great CEO Within
Founder @RampaLatina 🚀 Partner MXFUND01, @hackfundgdl
Practical advice on growing/scaling a company.
Benoît Quimper
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Products @ Unique Wool.
Your startup's operating system when osmosis is no longer sufficient.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover stacked The Great CEO Within
Founder of Product Hunt. Doesn't eat pancakes. 🥞
This is a super quick read filled with very actionable advice for CEOs and managers. I had the pleasure of learning from @mattmochary's coaching a few years ago.
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