The Courage to be Disliked
by Ichiro Kishimi
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Vinay stacked The Courage to be Disliked
Carpe Diem!
It gives a different perspective to living life. Makes it much simpler and helps make tough decisions easier to make.
This was a poorly written book yet had a useful message. I've found as we get older our choices, personalities, and tendencies often contrast, sometimes distancing us from our peers and contemporaries. The book makes a point that this is a sign of living with a sense of freedom.
Gerald Voit
Gerald Voit stacked The Courage to be Disliked
iOS developer
Handling common every day life situations according to this book, could be worth a shot.
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Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec stacked The Courage to be Disliked
Full Stack Developer and Full Time Curious
A really great book to better understand yourself. I love the format of the philosopher and youth, and the 3rd person, the reader. I don't agree with everything in the book (for example trauma) but I learned and thought a lot while reading this book so highly recommend it!
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Saadh S.
Saadh S. stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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Amazing book. Close to top tier best of for me. I can see the issue of being too harsh that some people cite. I coupled this book with The Lost Art of Compassion which is kinder but also really good. The combo is great.
Edmundo Ruiz
Edmundo Ruiz stacked The Courage to be Disliked
Software developer
Adopted is as dogma and life philosophy to help me live my life without being afraid.
Miguel O.
Miguel O. stacked The Courage to be Disliked
Will like it when i read it
JC stacked The Courage to be Disliked
Product Manager / Software developer No-Code enthusiast
Learned so much on relationships and living in the present.. Good book, 10/10
Neil Daftary
Neil Daftary stacked The Courage to be Disliked
Brainy creative & senior software engineer @ Codecademy
It helped me bolster my low self-esteem and focus on what I can control. It taught me with interpersonal relationships you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink
Alon Gilboa
Alon Gilboa stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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Fantastic book that really changed my perspective.
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