The Courage to be Disliked
The Japanese phenomenon that shows you how to change your life and achieve real happiness
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Alon Gilboa
Alon Gilboa stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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Fantastic book that really changed my perspective.
davidacreates stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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I am about 3/4 of the way through the audiobook and it is like my personal therapy session lol -- If you've struggled with people pleasing, perfectionism, mom and/or dad issues, this book is for you.
Anna Grigoryan
samreich stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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Some tough medicine about personal accountability that is ultimately very freeing and motivating.
Francisco Miguel Loureiro
Francisco Miguel Loureiro stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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Insights into Adlerian psychology through a brilliant and engaging dialogue format. Concepts, ideas and approaches worth keeping for life. One of my favorite books.
Ankush Chander
Ankush Chander stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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"Our past doesn't decide our present, our present goals decide our future." A must-read.
Norman Chella
Norman Chella stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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For readers: this book is formatted differently. It's not a complicated, over-the-top book. The premise: it's a conversation. A transcript. A philosopher and his student. The philosopher teaches him how to be unhindered by the world around them. You, are the third student.
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Olivia Jessica Morris
Olivia Jessica Morris stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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Love a good read
Clarence Wee
Clarence Wee stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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I don't need to have validation all around. That put me at ease.
Imran stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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fav philosophy book
Danyang Zhao
Danyang Zhao stacked The Courage to be Disliked
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Amazing book. I've gotten 10+ people to read it.
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