Tesla Model 3
Electric-powered performance, with dual motor AWD
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Jérôme Poichet
Jérôme Poichet stacked Tesla Model 3
Currently @Google, previously [email protected], [email protected], ...
I love software updates, a smooth and fun ride.
Scott Williams
Scott Williams stacked Tesla Model 3
President & co-founder of Emisare, Inc.
The best car I've ever owned. Drives beautifully, has plenty of kick, one screen to control almost all functions - in a simple but slick UI, routine software updates w/ new features, and almost zero maintenance.
Arthur Abadjan
Arthur Abadjan stacked Tesla Model 3
Aviation lover. Tech-minded guy with a human being sense.
Do you remember the time when you started to use your first smartphone with just a 1-3 buttons and screen? I feel the same now with cars.
Connor Hicks
Connor Hicks stacked Tesla Model 3
Millennial, basically. I build things at @1Password with...
We’ve had the model 3 for 6 months now and it continues to be fun, reliable, and maintenance free! Even in Canada where the temperatures can get very cold, we are still able to easily road trip when we want to using the supercharger network.
Sam Zhao
Sam Zhao stacked Tesla Model 3
Marketing engineer.
Embracing the future.
Cody P
Cody P stacked Tesla Model 3
Changing classrooms with @edjinotes 🔥
This car is a leap forward, like being in the future every time I drive.
Dave Morin
Dave Morin stacked Tesla Model 3
Best car I have ever owned, bar none. Hard to see driving anything else going forward. Getting into a "normal" car now feels like using a cassette player in an iPhone world.
Jenny Walsh
Jenny Walsh stacked Tesla Model 3
Product Designer. Aerialist acrobat. Loves people.
The space car that's going to save the earth's environment. Plus it has lots of go-fast juice. I never get sick of driving it! stacked Tesla Model 3
Hi! I'm Paul Mioduszewski. I manage startup & tech blog i...
Lee Coursey
Lee Coursey stacked Tesla Model 3
Retired IT guy, aggregator, curator, maker of lists, publ...
It's a fast, fun, low-maintenance computer on wheels.
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