Tesla Model 3
Electric-powered performance, with dual motor AWD
Gajus KuizinasMatt VukojevicTinko Vialard
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Cody P
Cody P stacked Tesla Model 3
Changing classrooms with @edjinotes 🔥
This car is a leap forward, like being in the future every time I drive.
Dave Morin
Dave Morin stacked Tesla Model 3
Best car I have ever owned, bar none. Hard to see driving anything else going forward. Getting into a "normal" car now feels like using a cassette player in an iPhone world.
Jenny Walsh
Jenny Walsh stacked Tesla Model 3
Product Designer. Aerialist acrobat. Loves people.
The space car that's going to save the earth's environment. Plus it has lots of go-fast juice. I never get sick of driving it! stacked Tesla Model 3
Hi! I'm Paul Mioduszewski. I manage startup & tech blog i...
Lee Coursey
Lee Coursey stacked Tesla Model 3
Retired IT guy, aggregator, curator, maker of lists, publ...
It's a fast, fun, low-maintenance computer on wheels.
#BeautyMark stacked Tesla Model 3
Motto: "Finally was right about everything." Focus: (wo...
How dreams no matter how big become real things I will always be there.
Bryan Bartow
Bryan Bartow stacked Tesla Model 3
I am a technologist, developer, artist, early adopter, sp...
Best thing ever
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown stacked Tesla Model 3
Intersection of now and wow. Good food for all.
how can you not?
ilyas stacked Tesla Model 3
Aspiring Pilot and Undergraduate Student
Amazing and efficient car, with top of line technology
Felix Hüning
Felix Hüning stacked Tesla Model 3
Director e-commerce @nerosolutions & Founder @capjobDE li...
It's the substainable future and an iPhone on wheels.
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