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Nikita Khomitsevych
Nikita Khomitsevych stacked Telegram Messenger
iOS Software Engineer @ Lector @ robotdreams...
В отличии от других платформ, в Telegram можно как общаться с друзьями, так и следить/читать кого-то, чьи действия и мысли тебе импанируют.
Its super fun, blazing fast, and silky smooth in its function. Love Telegram! :)
Kunal Mishra.
Kunal Mishra. stacked Telegram Messenger
I write Back of my Head, my weekend recommendations newsl...
Super fast. So much better than WhatsApp
Kunal Mishra.
Owen Young
Owen Young stacked Telegram Messenger
Freelancer / perfectionism / workflow lover
Powerful bot
Rohan Harikumar
Rohan Harikumar stacked Telegram Messenger
If it ain't broke, I'll fix it!
Only messaging application I have.
Janel stacked Telegram Messenger
I'm a marketer, maker and curator of, a wee...
My primary chat app, love that it can be used across platforms. Encrypted and fast. Great search functions.
Yash Yadav
Yash Yadav stacked Telegram Messenger
Young and Enthusiast. 22YO outgoing nerd. Prefers everyth...
Everything source. HackerNews, movies, groups, r/wallstreetbets, what not
da26 stacked Telegram Messenger
Hello there!
Apple Watch App
mayank shiromani
mayank shiromani stacked Telegram Messenger
early stage investor
smooth and fast. Features like channels are very useful. Cant ignore the stickers
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