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Márcio Luiz MoraesMananCedrik
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Márcio Luiz Moraes
Márcio Luiz Moraes stacked Telegram Messenger
Entrepreneur / Software Developer / Solutions Architect /...
Secret messaging.
Akhil T Chandran
Akhil T Chandran stacked Telegram Messenger
I am UI/UX Designer based in Kochi who is very passionate...
Best alternative to WhatsApp.Its like a better version of whatsapp with tons of features. Heavily customisable. Love it. ❤️
aziz stacked Telegram Messenger
Design lead at TIDAL, on the side;, foreignrap....
Some friends use this
Binyamin Green
Binyamin Green stacked Telegram Messenger
Student / Writer / Developer / Musician
Works on desktop properly. #FlipPhone
Peter Thaleikis
Peter Thaleikis stacked Telegram Messenger
Hey, I'm Peter a developer and indie hacker. Building ran...
Replaces FB messenger more and more for me. Works like a charm!
Sara Campbell
Sara Campbell stacked Telegram Messenger
Communications and marketing strategist and writer of Tin...
For group chats sans big brother.
Shama ShamsudeenTudor Plugaru
Gokul stacked Telegram Messenger
I am a tech geek and I love technology related items.
I use Telegram to download Movies and TV series
Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma stacked Telegram Messenger
I am a Minimalist.
It's best privacy focused messaging application with many feature like Channels and very large groups.
Ehsan stacked Telegram Messenger
dev at @BRDHQ, maker of @apphindsight, pixel pusher at @o...
Great apps with tons of features, continually being improved. End-to-end encryption is opt-in, would be better if it was the default.
Oleg Barinboim
Oleg Barinboim stacked Telegram Messenger
Creative Director at TUTKOVBUDKOV. Grammy®-Nominated Prod...
The most human messenger
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