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Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices.
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Zlipa74geeAnton Blagov
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74gee stacked Telegram Messenger
Almost retired programer
Super secure, free, searchable and easily integrates with many things.
Yash Yadav
Yash Yadav stacked Telegram Messenger
Young and Enthusiast. 22YO outgoing nerd. Prefers everyth...
Everything source. HackerNews, movies, groups, r/wallstreetbets, what not
blvck_md stacked Telegram Messenger
Hello there!
Apple Watch App
mayank shiromani
mayank shiromani stacked Telegram Messenger
early stage investor
smooth and fast. Features like channels are very useful. Cant ignore the stickers
Alex stacked Telegram Messenger
Italian Tech YouTuber. Apple User and Fanboy. Graphic Des...
Best messager app available on pretty much every single platform. Best design, lots of personalization options, top security, folders, channels, bots, multiple accounts... Also, it's always updated 🤯
Carlos Bravo
Carlos Bravo stacked Telegram Messenger
Getting ready for a zombie apocalypse
For me is the best way to follow some channels, to share information, to make polls without having to add those people to the mobile phone.
Michael Henry
Michael Henry stacked Telegram Messenger
🌊 Waterman 📸 Photo / Video 💻Product Manager At Adobe on P...
Quick, feature rich, thoughtful and very actively being developed
Evan Walden
Evan Walden stacked Telegram Messenger
CEO @monday_vc | I make it easier for people to find mean...
2x voice notes is a game changer
Jesse RussellAlexandre Mouriec
Joshua Schaer
Joshua Schaer stacked Telegram Messenger
Psychologist, interested in humans and computers. Special...
Fast, beautiful and lots and lots of awesome features.
Agustinus Nathaniel
Agustinus Nathaniel stacked Telegram Messenger
Tech and Art enthusiast
Best alternative to WhatsApp. I also use it to transfer and backup some files.
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