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Tab Snooze
Put off tabs until later, focus on what's important now.
Connor ReganCatherineLucas Matney
12 people use Tab Snooze. Do you?

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Catherine stacked Tab Snooze
Product @Google. Outdoor photographer, voracious reader, ...
I always have too many tabs open so if I don't need to use one right away, I snooze it.
JulieAnna GrigoryanElen Udovichenko
will robbins
will robbins stacked Tab Snooze
Lover of books, endurance sports and productivity porn 😎
Use it to remind myself of important ideas, blogs, concepts etc. at regular intervals.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith stacked Tab Snooze
co-founder @vungle (acquired by blackstone) , @thetribevc...
Awesome chrome extension for "snoozing" tabs, the same way you snooze emails
Zev Lapin
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