YC W19. If Google Calendar and Trello had a baby.
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Kmarko stacked Sunsama
Writer and blogger. NYC.
because it's new and cool and I passed the test to get beta
Michael Lebowitz
Michael Lebowitz stacked Sunsama
Founder & CEO of Big Spaceship for 19 years. Dad for 13. ...
Focus. It has it and it provides it.
M Shor
M Shor stacked Sunsama
Real estate developer. Angel investor.
It confers the ability to constrain my tasks to my workload w/o overcommitting.
Lia Zhang
Lia Zhang stacked Sunsama
love experimenting with new apps
the best to-do list that perfectly syncs with your cal. $20/mo is hefty for someone using it without a team
brian stacked Sunsama
Guy that lives in Brookyln.
Organizes by #zones and shows me them by day of the week. Easily track how long a task takes you to complete.
Coleman Foley
Coleman Foley stacked Sunsama
Software engineer, interested in product stuff
This is one of those tools that just nails it. It feels like the people who made it use it every day. It's just what I need to plan my day: put down a few tasks and schedule them. Nothing extra. At first I was using it together with Todoist, but I'm increasingly Sunsama-centric.
Nik stacked Sunsama
Trying out a few things
Maiko Schaffrath
Maiko Schaffrath stacked Sunsama
💼 Head of Programme @founders_acad | 🔊 Host of @impacthus...
Simple productivity routine combining to do lists and calendar
Merci Victoria Grace
Merci Victoria Grace stacked Sunsama
Investor @lightspeedvp and founder of @womeninproduct. Fo...
This app is Top 5 for me in terms of design and usability. It's a project management app that blends your calendar and to-do list. I use it in 1player mode but it also supports collaboration. Since starting to use it, I feel like I'm able to make better, more longterm decisions.
Coleman Foley
Alex Parker
Alex Parker stacked Sunsama
Technical Product Manager - Lambda X @LambdaSchool 👨‍💻 Body...
So much i love about this product. Helps me to map my tasks to my calendar and time blocks. I can easily see why i'm not going to get my task list done between all the meetings and other things i already have blocked off on the calendar.
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