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Sublime Text
A sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose
John HublerShashwat PunjaniEddie Sprietsma
116 people use Sublime Text. Do you?

People that stacked Sublime Text

Jason Crawford
Jason Crawford stacked Sublime Text
I write about the history of technology & industry at roo...
The best modern text-editor-that-is-not-quite-an-IDE-but-almost. I've mostly moved to VSCode for coding, but still use Sublime for editing Markdown (e.g., for static sites in Jekyll)
Eric stacked Sublime Text
Husband of @rjesunat
It’s lightweight and fast.
It just works for all my needs.
Da Silva Damien
Da Silva Damien stacked Sublime Text
Juste un jeune #Web #Dev. #Discord Hypesquad Member. Als...
Easy and fast
Thibaud stacked Sublime Text
Studying to build digital products. Traveling the globe. ...
All the fancy shortcuts
Manish stacked Sublime Text
everything is a remix of a remix of a remix.
Sachin Rekhi
Sachin Rekhi stacked Sublime Text
Founder & CEO @ https://notejoy.com, a collaborative note...
I still love the speed of this code editor over some of the newer entrants.
Joseph Nelson
Nishant Kyal
Nishant Kyal stacked Sublime Text
Chief Techie at Freecharge. Ex-entrepreneur and startup e...
Vanilla is good and keyboard shortcuts plugins for everything else
Barış Josh Şenkal
Barış Josh Şenkal stacked Sublime Text
Master of Procrastination
Amazing backup editor.
Husain Ahmmed
Husain Ahmmed stacked Sublime Text
I am a learner.
It's very light weight
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