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Jiří Vicherek
Jiří Vicherek stacked Stratechery
Passionate about communication and people, both live and ...
Ben is my secret weapon to any discussion or online threat where the question "What tech newsletter do you recommend subscribing to?". I just wrote "Stratechery." and wait for the social capital - instant from those who already know it and long-lasting from those who did not.
Mike Lapidakis
Mike Lapidakis stacked Stratechery
Miss travel, obsess over new tech, try my hand at photogr...
Blown away each morning by Ben's newsletter. The level of detail and smart analysis is world-class.
Jiří Vicherek
Kevin stacked Stratechery
Interested in good UI/UX, innovative design, and generall...
Ben provides consistent, in-depth analysis of the tech industry. The fact that it's now released in daily podcast form is even better, since it fits more into my news consumption workflow. I rarely deem these kinds of subscriptions necessary, but this is definitely worth it.
Deepa Arora
Deepa Arora stacked Stratechery
hakuna matada
Gives me an inferiority complex, but I always learn something. Money well spent for the annual subscription. And Ben Thompson is a Bucks fan too. #FearTheDear
Igor stacked Stratechery
Intern @ Science Inc. USC student.
Best coverage I have found on technology and business strategy. I like that the articles can be a challenging read - every morning I learn something new from Ben Thompson.
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Greg Swanson
Greg Swanson stacked Stratechery
I co-founded an agency, ITZontarget. We manage campaigns,...
The second look at commonly held beliefs
Vince Nguyen
Vince Nguyen stacked Stratechery
@google, @unlockfm podcast host, tech enthusiast, stoicis...
The single best newsletter for technologists or anyone who works in the tech industry out there. I consider my subscription to Stratechery for the last 4 years to be one of my greatest investments in anything :)
Jiří Vicherek
Bill Petro
Bill Petro stacked Stratechery
Technology sales enablement exec, early adopter, historian
The clearest insights in the industry.
Nichanan Kesonpat
Nichanan Kesonpat stacked Stratechery
📝 | 👩🏻‍💻 ReactJS, Solidity, NodeJS | 💼 spiritc...
If there was one signal in the sea of noise that is tech industry analysis and media coverage, this is the signal
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Venkat Srinivasan
Venkat Srinivasan stacked Stratechery
Constantly learning from the world.
Cutting the clutter, and going deeper on the top tech developments. Also frameworks that seem to stand the test of time.
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