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Thomas Vander Wal
Thomas Vander Wal stacked Stratechery
If we haven't met you will want to follow @infocloud. (I ...
Most informative and deep diving tech and related economy daily
Praval stacked Stratechery
Head of Marketing, @Zoho. Mountains & beaches, lagers & c...
By far the best technology analyst in the world!
Alex Kazakov
Alex Kazakov stacked Stratechery
Behavioral technology dreamer and connector! Group Produc...
Daily deep and thoughtful strategic thinking for tech industry
Chandler Gonzales
Chandler Gonzales stacked Stratechery
Full stack software engineer, entrepreneur, occasional Tw...
Unmatched tech strategy analysis
Ben Werdmuller
Ben Werdmuller stacked Stratechery
I work at the intersection of tech, media, and democracy ...
I don't always agree with Ben, but I always read. It really is a must-read if you're in the tech industry.
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Emmanuel Amberber
Emmanuel Amberber stacked Stratechery
🤪 🧘🏼‍♂️ 🚀🌔 what a time to be alive.
Insightfulness = 100%
Lars Österberg
Lars Österberg stacked Stratechery
Currently remote product @hubspot. Will one day have full...
Makes me feel smart when I read it.
Only newsletter I read daily
Erik Syvertsen
Erik Syvertsen stacked Stratechery
GC @angellist. Just here to feed my @nuzzel.
Learning about the aggregation theory....again
Benoît QuimperNaval
Ayush stacked Stratechery
MBA Candidate. Sports Enthusiast. VC & Wealth Management....
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